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  • The Bowen technique is a holistic therapy that concentrates on the ability of our own body’s healing capabilities. We are all one of a kind, so our conditions might not look alike. There is one doctor who knows exactly what is wrong with us and where is the cause of our problems – THE INNER DOCTOR! By applying the very gentle, specific Bowen moves, on very precise locations on the body, we awaken the Inner Doctor, who takes over and starts the self healing process!

    The genius of Tom Bowen, the founder of the Bowen Technique, was to discover that our body itself has the ability to address any conditions, once the total relaxation is achieved. We do not force an outside command on to the body; we just send the right messages for our organism to “reformat” the system, to return to the original matrix. It is many peoples believe that we were left by our Creator with all the necessary tools to survive and find means of existence and wellbeing within us. We do not solve the problems by intruding the body with artificial substances or methods that could do more harm than good; we just ask the body to take the necessary steps towards healing, in its own time, rhythm and limits.

    A Bowen treatment consists of gentle moves performed with the fingers or thumbs, on very specific locations on the body. There are important breaks of a few minutes between the sets of moves, needed for the body to process the messages sent through the neurotransmitters. This is the only therapy where the practitioner can treat up to ten patients at once, with no physical effort or energy consumption, with minimum involvement and maximum instant, results. Everybody, with the heart in the right place, can learn this fantastic technique, regardless of the previous educational background.

    Where does it help?

    The Bowen technique is recommended for all family members, from newborn to the aged, with acute or chronic conditions. It also offers great relief for athletes, pregnant ladies and people with special needs. It addresses the body on all levels: physical, chemical, mental and emotional. The results are spectacular for babies and animals, so Placebo effect is out of the question! Acute, chronic, neurological and psycho-somatic diseases have demonstrated improvement after the Bowen therapy. Conditions that respond very well to the Bowen Technique are:

    • Muscular – skeleton, and joints problems: frozen shoulders, R S I., knees and hips problems, ankles sprains, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, neck restrictions (whiplash), all kinds of sporting Injuries; repetitive strain injuries, etc)

    • Internal organs conditions or imbalances: infertility, ovarian cysts fibromas, Polycystic ovaries’ endometriosis, reproductive organs.

    • Migraines and headaches, asthma and bronchial symptoms, hay fever, kidney problems, liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestine problems, etc), bed wetting, digestive tract disorders;

    • Hormonal and Emotional imbalances, stress and tension, depression, Greif, and acute chronic fatigue syndrome;

    • Auto-immune system disorders, allergies;

    • Neurological disorders: Parkinson, strokes, shocks.

    • Detoxification – Support of the Immune and Lymphatic systems. And many more……. The Bowen Technique is a “complementary” modality, in the sense that it enhances and complements, but does not interfere with traditional medical attention.

    Source: http://www.bowtech.com.gr/en/

  • The following pictures are showing one of our patients, with chest deformity in which Bowen method was applied with very good results.