Advisory Bodies

Gemma by Megan Costello
Credit: Megan Costello

澳门马会传真 benefits from the support, knowledge, and skills provided by the following key advisory groups.

澳门马会传真 (MBL) invites qualified individuals to become members of the 澳门马会传真Society. From its inception in 1888, the 澳门马会传真Society has been guided by scientists who are invested in the 澳门马会传真and its future. Under authority established by the Board of Trustees, members of the 澳门马会传真Society serve in an advisory capacity and as a resource to provide scientific and other guidance at the request of the 澳门马会传真leadership.

The 澳门马会传真Society has hundreds of Members and Emeritus Members, who comprise scientists, dedicated alumni, and committed and informed friends with a history of discovery at, commitment to, and interest in the 澳门马会传真and its programs.

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The Science Council of the 澳门马会传真Society is an advisory group consisting of not more than 15 scientists elected by Members of the聽澳门马会传真Society. The Science Council is an advisory group that advises the President/Director with respect to matters concerning MBL鈥檚 mission and its scientific and instructional endeavors.

The Science Council is led by a Co-Chairs, who are elected by Science Council members in consultation with the 澳门马会传真Director.

More information on the Science Council can be found in the聽澳门马会传真Science Council Charter, the聽Bylaws聽and the聽澳门马会传真Society Membership and Procedures听诲辞肠耻尘别苍迟.

Members of the Science Council of the 澳门马会传真Society (2023-2024)

Resident Scientists

  • Karen Echeverri (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)
  • Rudolph Oldenbourg (07/2023 鈥 06/2026) 聽
  • Blair Paul (07/2021 鈥 06/2024) 聽
  • Joe Vallino (07/2021-06/2024)

Whitman Center Scientists

  • Bill Green (07/2013 鈥 06/2024)
  • Amy Maddox (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)
  • Denisa Wagner (07/2021 鈥 06/2024)

Education Faculty

  • Ricardo Araneda (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)
  • Stephanie White (07/2020 鈥 06/2024) 聽
  • Deborah Yelon (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)

At Large 聽

  • Jack Costello (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)


  • Bill Reznikoff (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)

Postdoc/Graduate Student 聽

  • Sarah Walker (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)

The 澳门马会传真Community Council is an advisory group consisting of not more than 15 members elected by Members of the 澳门马会传真Society in good standing. The role of the 澳门马会传真Community Council is to advise the 澳门马会传真President/Director and Chief Operating Officer upon their request on general aspects of 澳门马会传真community life connected to and essential for the 澳门马会传真research and education missions, but not the research or education missions themselves. This includes, for example, housing, childcare, facilities, campus life, and Woods Hole/Falmouth community relations.

The Community Council is led by Co-Chairs, who are elected by Community Council members in consultation with the 澳门马会传真Director.

More information on the Community Council can be found in the聽澳门马会传真Community Council Charter, the聽Bylaws聽and the聽澳门马会传真Society Membership and Procedures听诲辞肠耻尘别苍迟.

Members of the Community Council of the 澳门马会传真Society (2023-2024)

Resident Scientists

  • Louis Kerr (07/2020 鈥 06/2024) 聽
  • Jennifer Morgan (07/2023-06/2026)

Research Scientists

  • Scott Chimileski (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)
  • Elena Peredo (07/2021-06/2024) 聽

Whitman Center Scientists

  • Christine Field (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)
  • Paul Maddox (07/2021 鈥 06/2024)
  • Jane Maienschein (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)

Education Faculty

  • Scott Bennett (07/2023 鈥 06/2026)
  • Veronica Martinez Acosta (07/2021 鈥 06/2024)

At Large 聽

  • Joseph DeGiorgis (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)


  • Ann Stuart (07/2020 鈥 06/2024)
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Members of the 澳门马会传真Council are supporters of, ambassadors for, and advisors to the 澳门马会传真. Council members actively seek to increase awareness and understanding of the MBL鈥檚 mission and to provide assistance and counsel to 澳门马会传真leadership.

David Bakalar
Timothy A. Barrows, Matrix Partners
John F. Batter, WilmerHale, Retired
Joshua B. Bernstein, Bernstein Management Corporation
Jay C. Brown
Duke Cameron, Massachusetts General Hospital
David X. Cohen
Catherine Cramer, The Woods Hole Institute
Barbara H. Deptula
Christopher D. Earl, Innotrove LLC
Michael N. Fenlon, Sallop Insurance, Inc.
Andrew W. Fraley, Korro Bio, Inc.
Hortense Gerardo, University of California, San Diego
Craig B. Gibson, Lawrence General Hospital, Retired
Robert D. Goldman, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
William N. Green, University of Chicago
Melina Hale, University of Chicago
Joseph Heitman, Duke University School of Medicine
Deborah A. Hogan, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
Kenneth R. Holden,聽Mount Sinai Health System, Retired
Alice Huang, California Institute of Technology
Gary Jacobson, Westwood Pembroke Health System
Thomas P. Jalkut, Nutter McClennen & Fish, LLP
William Jeffery, University of Maryland, College Park

As of October 3, 2023

Brian Keck, ConAgra Foods, Retired
Camilla C. King, Fay School
Mark Koide, Anthony & Sylvan Pools
Joseph S. Levine
Howard W. Lowy, Salem Hospital, Retired
Chafen Lu, Harvard Medical School
Anna Lysakowski, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University
Andrew McCormack, Valar Ventures Management LLC
Aaron Mitchell, University of Georgia
Karen Olcott
Jim Olds, George Mason University
George O鈥橳oole, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
Jay Owens, Owens Family Foundation
Chee Pearlman, TED Conferences
Robert W. Pierce, Pierce Aluminum Co.
John Ripple, Ripple Biotech LLC
Linda J. Sallop, Charter Management Group
David Scadden, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Amy R. Segal, WilmerHale
John D. Sigel, WilmerHale, Retired
Rachel Somer
Eric W. Speer, Mercy Learning Center
Richard A. Spillane, Fidelity Investments, Retired
Carolyn Stimpson, Wachusett Mountain
John F. Swope
Kevin Swope, Babson College
Kristin Swope,聽Red Nucleus
Karen Tierney
Monica Tischler, CDM Smith
Stephen Uzzo,聽National Museum of Mathematics
Frederica W. Valois
Denisa Wagner, Boston Children鈥檚 Hospital
Philip H. Warren, SMW Advisors
Clare Waterman, National Institutes of Health
Nancy G. Wolf, Case Western Reserve University


Amy Gladfelter, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; 澳门马会传真Whitman Center Scientist; 澳门马会传真Fellow
Patrick La Riviere, University of Chicago; 澳门马会传真Whitman Center Scientist; 澳门马会传真Fellow

Committee Members:

  • Zoe Cardon, 澳门马会传真
  • Ibrahim Cisse,聽Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
  • Daniel Colon-Ramos, Yale School of Medicine
  • Karen Echeverri, 澳门马会传真, New Research Organisms Committee Liaison
  • Daniel Fletcher, University of California Berkeley
  • Scott Fraser, University of Southern California
  • Louis Kerr, 澳门马会传真
  • Abhishek Kumar, 澳门马会传真
  • Paul Maddox, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Rudolf Oldenbourg, 澳门马会传真
  • Josh Rosenthal, 澳门马会传真, New Research Organisms Committee Liaison
  • Hari Shroff,聽Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Clare Waterman, National Institutes of Health聽


  • Josh Rosenthal, 澳门马会传真
  • Karen Echeverri, 澳门马会传真

Committee Members:

  • Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, HHMI
  • Abhishek Kumar, 澳门马会传真
  • Amy Gladfelter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jon Henry, 澳门马会传真
  • Lisa Abbo, 澳门马会传真
  • Mansi Srivastava, Harvard University
  • Marko Horb, 澳门马会传真
  • Michael Levine, Princeton University
  • Mitch Sogin, 澳门马会传真
  • Nicole King, University of California, Berkeley, HHMI
  • Nipam Patel, 澳门马会传真
  • Patrick LaRiviere, University of Chicago
  • Paul Kulesa,聽Stowers聽Institute for Medical Research

External reviews are critical to maintain the quality, standards, and performance of institutions and to position them to gain strength and perform at the highest levels of achievement. 澳门马会传真 has undergone reviews every ten years since the early 1900鈥檚, to evaluate our performance and our potential for the future in both research and education. Review committees are appointed by the Board of Trustees. Advisory reports are submitted to the President/Director and to the Board of Trustees and are used to provide strategic guidance to the MBL. Our most recent decennial review was held in 2015.